Week eleven update

Between work, school, frequent naps and nausea, I haven’t felt much like updating this. Also, there isn’t much to update. My first OB appointment isn’t until next week, and so right now I know nothing new about this pregnancy, except for the fact that this child apparently hates cooked vegetables. Just thinking about them makes me gag. Right now I’m thinking about carrots and I’m making myself sick.

I’m not going to think about vegetables for a while. It’s a bummer, because I actually like vegetables.

So far working hasn’t been too much of an issue. I am very careful about walking into a patients room if I know they’ve just, how do I say this delicately, had a “Code Brown” all over themselves and their sheets. The worst time of day is when I first walk into the hospital. That initial smell of clean hits my nostrils worse than what I’d imagine rotting road kill would. I mean, have you ever heard of someone being repulsed by the smell of clean?

I think all the time working towards getting pregnant has warped my sense of time. The weeks are just dragging on. I wish it were December already. I don’t understand why time has decided to drag now; before I found out I was pregnant it was just whipping by. I’m at eleven weeks and I feel like it should be at least twenty.

I’m slowly moving past the infertility mindset, but I still have all this residual anxiety and worry to work through. I think once I have another ultrasound and I get to see that everything is going fine I won’t sit and dwell on how slow time is, or worry about the baby’s progression. Hopefully I’ll be able to sit back and enjoy this.

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