About the blogger

My husband, John, and I met in August 2008, and after five years together, married in July of 2012.  He brings to our marriage two of the most wonderful, beautiful and (I might be slightly biased here) smartest young adults I know, and I am always excited to take on the mom roll when they come over.I love being their stepmother, and some of my happiest days are when they are with us. We do have a feline fur-baby, Cat, who brings his human parents hours of laughs- usually involving his daddy seeing how many socks he can lay on Cat before he gets pissed and leaves.

A few years before I met my husband I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. For those not familiar with the disorder, I won’t turn this post into an educational public service announcement. In a nutshell, PCOS is characterized by a bunch of fun things like insulin resistance (fancy way of saying possible type two-diabetes diagnosis), and lack ovulation. Basically, instead of ovulating each month like all the fertile-myrtle’s in the world, my body starts to mature the eggs but halfway through says “F-this, I’m done” and that unfinished egg will line the wall of my ovary. For more information please go to: http://www.womenshealth.gov/publications/our-publications/fact-sheet/polycystic-ovary-syndrome.html. My doctor at back then ever so kindly reiterated about a dozen times that it would be “very, very hard” for me to get pregnant, and that it “will take you a long time. Better get started now”. Great advice to give to a single, twenty-four year old woman who is a paycheck away from being destitute, don’t you think? Since that moment my brain has been fixated on that statement, constantly caught in the intense urge to rush and hurry up or I’d never have a baby, and waiting forever.

Once upon a time I had dreamed of becoming a labor and delivery nurse, but years of struggling with my PCOS diagnosis, and subsequent infertility, took the wind out of that sail.  I did become a Registered Nurse, and am currently working in Long-Term Acute Care, and part-time as a psych nurse.  I currently attend school full time in order to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and am anticipating a December 2015 graduation. One day I hope to work as a hospice nurse, but until then, once a week I volunteer with a local hospice organization.

I am starting this blog not with the goal of obtaining a thousand loyal readers, getting endorsements, or profoundly altering anyone’s life; I just hope that someone, somewhere might stumble across whatever words I write and know they are not alone.

Happy reading.


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