My intermission and revival

So I took a break from actively trying to conceive for a few months. If I didn’t I was bound to lose what little sanity I had left.  I, to put it bluntly, have a tendency to obsess over things. Music, bagels, fictional characters- I can fixate on anything.  Trying to have a child has […]


Things that have happened since I lasted posted a blog: I became an aunt-he’s cute and chunky and I love him. I started the final semester of my bachelors program in Nursing (woo hoo). I participated in a walk honoring pregnancy and infant loss. I started fertility treatments again. I wasn’t going to start fertility […]

What not to say

A friend of mine approached me not to long ago and asked if I would guest write a blog for her site, Everything Mommyhood, about what NOT to say to someone who has had a miscarriage. This was prompted by a Facebook post I made about some of the rather ill-thought condolences I received. I […]

Changing the game

Today I went to see Dr. Tarantino, my reproductive specialist. It’s the appointment that I’ve dreaded: the “easy” methods to make a baby weren’t working and it was time to tinker with the treatments. I knew what he would suggest before I even scheduled the appointment. I could have saved myself some money in retrospect, […]